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Padded front buckle locking gag

Padded front buckle locking gag

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Our standard leather gags in three sizes have been among our most popular items since we started in businesss. We have taken the standard sized version of that gag and brought it to all new heights.

This gag doesn't sit on a thickly padded plate, it floats on a thickly padded plate. This means you can cinch it down nice and tight, and let that heavy garment leather with the thick padding encompass the mouth, seal the lips, and really do some effective gagging!

The strap, locking of course, buckles in front, allowing easy access no matter how tightly bound your victim happens to be. No, you don't have to have a lock to keep it buckled, but doesn't that padlock dangling in front of your bottom really drive home the point?

Three layers of garment leather make up the base of this gag, and a supple Latigo leather strap is what's going to hold it in place.

All I can say is that you really should mfff rmplg hmff lmnnf!

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