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The Ultra Padded Inflatable Hood

Inflatable leather bondage hood

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A combination of the great work our European latex maker does with the bladders, and our experience in hood making, brings you this intense hood.

This is the same design as our Ultra Padded Hood but instead of the foam padding on the sides of the head, however, we have inserted two inflatable bladders, and the result is probably the most intense hood on the market!

The inner leather pouches which hold the bladders are generously sized, so that as the bladder inflates the pouch presses into the sides of the head. The hood tightens, and the wearer is enclosed in an extremely tight, quiet world. The mouth is a sewn leather panel, with pin prick air holes throughout (see close up).

We can make this with alternate mouth openings, but any large holes may tend to deform as the hood in tightly inflated, so it is not recommended. We cannot offer these with grommets, as the metal presses against the teeth (trust me, we tried), and we don't feel it is safe. Eyes are fully padded (as on our other ultra padded hoods), and the back is our standard lace, with the two small "D" rings to allow the use of a padlock.

#1177 - $299.00  

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The tubes on the inflatable bladders can be easily cut at home to the lentgh you desire. We show them here at their longest length, as we provide them to you.

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