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Electro Lockdown Estim Male Chastity Cage

Only $39.95   !

Electro Shock chastity device

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Sorry, our shipment is totally sold out. However the response was so great we will consider getting another batch if enough people are interested. Just enter your email in the form below to be notified (without obligation) if we get more. We will use your email for no other reason.

While I recently said that Leather Creations is heading toward selling items purely made in house, every once in a while something does come along that is too hard to resist.

Here's the story... I tried one of these, really liked it, and decided I wanted one. I looked around and didn't like what I saw price wise.

One place known, I feel, basically for showing no restraint with its extreme pricing wants $99.95 for this. Another place whose name is a really big river has it for $79.95.

I did a little digging and found that if I bought a bunch I could get a really great price. Score! One for me, and the rest to sell at a great price.

This is a limited offer, I am not going to get any more of these. Just one shot at a great bargain for us both.

A few words about this. The "river" place has a few people complaining that it is too small (that place being a bastion of experienced BDSM players of course). OK, first, this is not something that is intended for use outside of a scene. It needs to be small for the average person, or at least fit firmly, otherwise you won't make good contact. Now, I got a little lucky in the gene pool, and have a bit more than most. It took a good squirt of a decent lube, and I certainly couldn't be hard, but I not only did get in it, but had no discomfort (we're not talking about with the electro on here folks) wearing it. If the words "beer can" and your dick are often used hand in hand this will probably pose a problem, but larger and longer than average does indeed fit, trust me. The cock ring section is widely adjustable and locks in the adjusted size when you drop the first pin in place. I don't think that will pose a fit problem for anyone regardless of size.

This is not a Zeus product. That is a rebranded one of these, and also the source of some complaints on the "river" place. It is extremely well made especially considering the price. It comes with the padlock, and some of those little security tags (although I really am not recommending this as purely a chastity device). These are bulk packed. That means no fancy box (you want to pay for a box, or gear?), just the unit and all the parts. No instructions either, but look at the photo and it isn't hard to figure out. The black things you see in the cock tube are the conductive silicone electrodes, and they are quite efficient. It comes with a wire, but the plug at the end is 2.5mm. Most electro boxes take 3.5mm. If yours does, and you don't have an adapter, I suggest adding one (also far less expensive than the two sources mentioned before) so you'll be ready to plug and play as soon as it arrives.

So here's the reasonably priced stocking stuffer you've been wanting, even if it is your own stocking. Don't hesitate, 'cause as I said, this is a limited quantity item!

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