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Cotton Strap

Cotton strap with buckle Well, this is about as simple as it gets. Just a cotton strap, 6' long and 1" wide, with a buckle. Nothing exciting, but I really like them in many places instead of rope, as they are instantly adjustable, to tighten (or loosen) your willing partner. Also available in longer lengths - just tell us how many feet long, and add the extra "per foot" charge for each additional foot you desire.
There could be one slight problem with the shopping cart when you order these. If you only order one, that's fine, but if you order more than one, and want extra length, the cart can't tell how you want that applied. Therefore, just tell us in the comments box what you need, and we will get it input to our shop computers (where we have a lot more control over what goes in) correctly. Thanks!

Our supplier has switched to a really flimsy buckle and we refuse to use it.
Until we can source a heavy one, we have shut off ordering for this item.
Enter Quantity Stock Number Description Price

No. 127 6 foot cotton strap $7.25  
No. 193 Additional foot of strap added $.75  

Remember, if you are ordering more than one, and extra feet, the extra foot charge applies to each strap. Just jot a note to us in the comments box saying how you want them made.

These items are made to order and will ship fairly quickly.

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