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Hole Punch Set - Large

leather hole punch set Need a couple of extra holes in that belt... need to get the restraint on someone a little smaller? This hole punch set is ideal! This is the one we use for all of the above, and a lot more.

Set includes 5 tubes (see sizing below), handle, and wrench. To avoid damage to the punches, we suggest a scrap of leather under your work, or a piece of rubber. Better still, you can go pro from our supply site and get a protective board . If you decide to do so, anything ordered there will automatically combine in your cart with items from Leather Creations.

#1454 - $16.99  

This set comes with the following punches:
Size Diameter
6 3/16"
7 13/64"
8 7/32"
9 1/4"
10 17/64"
12 5/16"

This handle differs from our smaller punch . The punch tubes that come with this handle will not fit the other handle.

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