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Snap Setting Instructions

Always use eye protection

Always punch a small hole in the leather before attempting to insert snap parts.

Always use the anvil against a hard surface

Strike with some force, but no so much as to deform the stud or socket

To set the button side (the side with the black or silver colored part):

Line 20 snap button setting image

To set the button, you are working upside down. Place the button with the black or silver side toward the anvil, and with the concave part of the anvil facing up. Place the leather upside down against the button. Place the socket so that the flat side is against the leather. Strike with the tool to set.

To set the eyelet side:

Line 20 snap eyelet setting image

You work right side up with the eyelet. Place the eyelet with the flat side against the flat part of the anvil. Place the leather right side up over the eyelet. Place the flat side of the stud against the leather. Strike with the tool to set.

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