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Inflatable Side Lace Leather Hood

Side lace inflatable bondage hood

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From the shop at Leather Creations comes this incredible cross between our Ultra Padded Hood and our Ultra padded inflatable hood . Perhaps we should call it our Ultra Padded Inflatable Side Lace Leather Hood, but that is going a little too far on the wordy side.

Our wonderful padded mouth and eyes are on the front, and two wide side lace openings (fully backed with leather) on the sides. In the back is our special latex inflatable bladder. The result is a hood which easily pulls over the head, and then laces reasonably tight. Start pumping up the bladder, and it gets very tight, very confining, and very very sexy.

Because of the inflation of the bladder, this hood will fit a wide range of people, which is great if you have multiple play mates. We do suggest you provide measurements, that way we can choose the right size range.

We suggest a grommeted mouth (1/2" or 1/2"), but there are other options, visit our reference page .

We have sold literally hundreds of our ultra padded hood, and we feel this one is going to be just as popular - we love it, and think you will too!

#1550 - $279.00  

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