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Custom Bondage Suit

Custom made to measure Bondage Suit
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Custom made to measure Bondage Suit Custom made to measure Bondage Suit
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Almost 25 years ago I said that one day I would offer a bondage suit like no one else. Not only in quality, but in price (go ahead - scroll down and look, you'll keep reading).

I tried and tried, but I couldn't find a way, or person, to work with to make this ambition come to life. Well, no more!

Introducing the Leather Creations bondage suit. A suit to rival all the others, but at a price that us mere mortals can afford.

Completely made to your measurements of leather I hand picked myself, of a design worked and re-worked by my boys, my tailor, and me. A design prototyped, altered, changed, re-made, changed again, and finally exactly the way I want. I think you will find it exactly what you want too!

The pictures tell the story. Look at the fit, the tightness of the leather against the body, the fact that there is still even more lace to go so tight you can't breathe. Let me touch on some of the features:

A three way zip from the top of the neck in back to above the belt line in front. Everything can be easily accessed.
Lacing up both sides of your body - from ankle to arm pit
Lacing up the sides of both arms
Lacing up the front, from your balls to your neck
Attached flip up (and snap in place) tit flaps (or without, at your choice)
High rise collar
Beautiful heavyweight buttery soft garment cow

This is going to be hand made for you, from measurements that you are going to take (I have a whole set of instructions), and delivered in 3-4 weeks. It is going to fit you as well as it does me (that's me in the photos). While these photos were taken I could not sit, no way. My legs would never bend that far. I couldn't raise my arms even to shoulder height. A deep full breath was totally impossible. In other words - heaven!

I said fantastic leather. This particular suit, and I am not a big guy - 6' and 150 pounds - weighs 8 pounds!

And while I am getting the word out on this, I am going to give you a $100 store credit for helping. Buy one of these suits and do two things. One, send me one or more pictures of you using it in play (no genital exposure, please, don't want to have to get into all of that ID crap) with permission for me to use it freely, and two, Tweet, Pinterest, Facebook, or otherwise share it at least once on social media linked back to this page, and show me where. In return I will give you a $100.00 store credit, which you may want to use against the leather strap set . This offer is good for as long as this note is up, and the credit is good forever.

Here's a few of the details on ordering. You'll be given a way to communicate your measurements to me (if you want to see how precise my tailor is, you can view the measurements HERE ). I am going to enter them into a work order, send them back for you to check the work order against what you sent me, and only when you confirm they are right will you be actually charged. Next they go to the pattern maker. If he doesn't think any are right (he is amazingly good), I get right back to you to double check your measurements.
Delivery averages 3-4 weeks from the time you confirm your measurements, and shipping is a flat $14.95 within the continental USA (outside of the USA and Alaska and Hawaii will be contacted before proceeding). The cart may say otherwise. The hood and mitts shown are not included, but watch for even more great products in conjunction with my talented tailor! The price is good for up to a 46" chest. There are small additional fees for the leather expense after that. 48 is plus $35.00. Add another $10.00 for each 2 inches after that up to 54". 56" and up will be quoted before proceeding.

So now is the time, especially with $100.00 credit available on what is already the greatest bargain I have ever been able to offer. No promises on the duration of the promotion, nor on how long I will be able to hold this price, so now is the time to fulfill your dream!

#164 - $699.00  

These two identical videos, one in MP4, one in WebM, depending on your browser you may see only one, or both. They show a very quick look at the limited range of motion with this suit. No sound on these, just a quick demo so you can get some idea of the tightness of the suit. I am actually trying to move a full range of motion, arms and legs, but am stopped by the intensity of the suit.
MP4 WebM

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Custom made to measure Bondage Suit Custom made to measure Bondage Suit Custom made to measure Bondage Suit Custom made to measure Bondage Suit Custom made to measure Bondage Suit Custom made to measure Bondage Suit
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