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Fully padded full face hugger

Fully padded face hugger and gag
Fully padded face hugger and gag Fully padded face hugger and gag
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Well, we said that our fully padded blindfold and gag was a gag and blindfold taken to the ultimate... we were wrong! We have taken this one step further and created this fantastic padded full face plate that blinds, gags (optional) and feels fantastic!

Luxurious garment leather on both sides, with a large amount of cushy padding throughout. Strapped firmly in place it envelops the wearer in cushiony thick, dark, luxurious darkness.

This is a control piece, not intended for use during oral sex. It places the bottom in darkness, and unable to see, or speak, if you use the gag. With a wide range of adjustment, it will fit just about anyone, and buckle tight for a perfect fit.

The optional gag is about 2" long and 1" in diameter, completely filling the 1" hole in the mouth section. We then also add a pair of nose eyelets to allow for easier breathing. If you don't want the gag now, but think you might later, add the eyelet and snap option at this time, and then you can order the gag later and you won't have to send it back for retrofitting.

This can also be used in cigar scenes.

This is extremely contoured, and designed specifically for the gag and openings we provided. While we can leave off the mouth opening and just provide eyelets (use your comments box during check out to let us know you want this), we cannot alter the opening to make it larger, nor alter the size of the gag.

Rich, thick, comfortable, controlling, and at a Leather Creations' usual bargain price!

#34 - $174.00  

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Main Unit (#34)
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Gag (#84)
(includes snaps and eyelets)

25.00  This is in production once again,
with an expected availability date of July of this year. 
Snaps and eyelets only (#90)
Order this if you may want the
gag later and don't want to have
to send it back

Gag only
Order this if you have the
unit with the snaps and eyelets and
now just want the gag

$25.00   This is in production once again,
with an expected availability date of July of this year. 

Not currently available for
ordering, but very very soon!

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Any item intended for inserion in a body cavity (in this case gags) may not be returned due to health concerns. We ship these items in a sealed clear platic bag, and once this packaging is opened it cannot be returned unless defective, and then only for exchange for the same item.
In the case of this item, the gag is packaged separately, so you can try on the piece without the gag first to be certain you are satisfied.

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