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Snap Repair Kit

Snap setting ket with snaps How often have you lost one side of a snap and had to let something you like lay on the shelf until you can get to a repair shop (and there are some things you don't even want to bring to a repair shop). Well, now you can easily set the most popular style of snap (ligne 24, and no, that's not a typo) yourself. This kit contains the same two tools we have used in our shop to set thousands of snaps (before we broke down and bought a hydraulic setting machine). Comes with 10 sets of steel snaps, nickel finished. We also have available refill kits, in nickel plated steel (like the ones in the kit), as well as nickel plated brass (best for wet or damp areas), and brass with a black baked on finish (just the button is black, the other pieces are, as always, nickel). Comes with an instruction sheet as well. All you need to do is get the old broken snap off (with pliers, or dykes [wire cutting pliers]), use your hammer and this set!

Instructions for use are HERE

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#442 Snap Repair Kit $6.00  
#10 10 nickel plated steel refill snaps $1.50  
#15 10 nickel plated brass refill snaps $5.00  
#16 10 black coated brass refill snaps $5.00  

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