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Electro Bi-Polar Tit Clamps

Electro Bi-Polar Tit Clamps
Electro Bi-Polar Tit Clamps Electro Bi-Polar Tit Clamps
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We got our hands on a limited supply of these clamps, the only ones we have found that can be adapted to true bi-polar use, and immediately snatched up all we could. Converted as we have to electrical play, these pass current only through the tit, not across the chest, as some very dangerous toys do, which have been cropping up recently on the net.

Each clamp (you get two) requires one circuit of your power box. They come equipped with about 6' of lead, ending in a 3.5mm plug. This plug is common to many current power boxes.

The clamp doesn't take the severe bite that their picture would lead to to believe. They are all bark and little bite... until you crank up the juice! We have even had some guys wrap a rubber band around the ends to hold them more severely for when the werarer gets a rest from the shocks.

While these are tit clamps by design, they'll also create some extremely intense sensations when clipped to the head of the dick!

As mentioned, these are in limited supply. If the stock status shows out of stock, then we still have more and will make them up right away for you. If is shows "permanently sold out", then sorry, unless we find more clamps, that is it.

#444 - $34.95   per pair

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