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The Ultra-Padded Lockable Hood

The original Ultra Padded bondage hood
The original Ultra Padded bondage hood The original Ultra Padded bondage hood
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I have to be plain and to the point here - we set out to make a severe hood - not a nice hood, not a casual hood, not a hood for the timid, not a hood for someone afraid of the dark, not a hood for someone who imagines he can't breathe...

This hood is it!

It is extremely tight when properly laced on. The padding on the sides and face allow it to be compressed to a high degree. The straps on the jaw cinch the jaw so opening the mouth even a little is difficult, the double buckle chin strap is designed to allow it to be pulled extra-tight, the straps over the eyes hold down the eye padding so there is no chance of opening the eyes. Each strap locks down (padlocks not included), so there is no chance of escape once in. The collar also locks in place. The mouth comes with your choice of only two openings - the 1/4" grommet shown here, or a 1/2" grommet - there are no other openings.

Not for the beginner... but if you want a hood that will leave no doubt about who's boss and who ain't, our finest hood is your perfect choice.

You may also know this hood as the "padded head hugger" which was the name Bound and Gagged and KW Enterprises sold it under when we made it for them.

Like all our hoods, this is custom made for you, not off the shelf. Please be sure and follow the link to measurement instructions, and provide needed measurements. Also beware of a knock-offs sold by other companies. We do not wholesale this hood, nor can it possibly fit right if you buy it "off the rack".

Please see important hood option and measurement information HERE before ordering. If ordering on-line or by mail or fax, please be sure and provide these measurements with your order.

The Ultra-Padded Hood # 534 - $274.00  

If you would like to see what the inside of this hood looks like (although it was really hard to get a semi-decent photo of the inside), please click here .

This item, as a custom item, requires 50% deposit at the time of ordering (which will be charged to your credit card) with the balance on shipment.

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