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Electro Scalpel

This, besides being an intense sensation, can be a hell of a head trip. My suggestion: After introducing the subject to electricity, and then using it for a while, tell him you're interested in a different type of play. Show him a knife, or a razor blade , and then blindfold him (to insure the blood does not bother him). Substitute this device, with the electro stimulation unit set on a very high pulse rate, and low intensity, and use it very lightly on the body. Coupled with the suggestion already given him, he will swear he is being cut! Try dripping a little warm light corn syrup on the end so it runs off on the body for an extra touch! Yes, I am one sick pup :-)

Comes with one non-sterile dulled blade, but still use it lightly or you will be doing some real cutting!

We also have available replacement blades. You won't need any unless you drop it and snap the blade, but that would really ruin a well planned out scene for a few cents, no?

This comes with a female banana jack on the end of about a two foot cord, as used on many popular power units, and requires Banana Plug Lead Adapters if your leads have pins on the end

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