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Punishment Hood

Punishment bondage hood
Punishment bondage hood Punishment bondage hood Punishment bondage hood Punishment bondage hood

Interior View

Close-up of nose holes

The 4" gag as it is just starting
to be inserted.
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OK - pay attention boys and girls. This is not a nice hood. No, it is a nice hood, but it is a nasty hood.

I designed this specifically for punishment. I designed this to be hard to wear. I designed this so you want it off!

Lets start at the top. The hood has a non-removable blindfold that is made with built in padding that will stop most people from even opening their eyes. Cinch those straps tight, you thought the blindfold was tough a second ago?

Move down; the mouth and chin section is plated with hard latigo leather that wraps around the mouth and under the chin. There is a pressure point padding under the latigo on the chin that presses upward on the throat. The latigo scoops down to the Adam's apple region so that you sure as hell won't drop your head down when you wear this.

Then there is the gag. Pick the 4" long version for best effect. You won't like it in there, and you sure as hell won't be talking with it there. You immediately realize that breathing is now an effort, the two small holes under each nostril don't let in much air. Work for it, you aren't supposed to be enjoying this. You're lucky if you can even swallow - just let the spit flow down your chin, you'll be more miserable in minutes.

Now pull the gag strap - hard! What was a tough gag a few seconds ago is now a monster drilling its way into the edge of your throat. You won't adjust it with your tongue, you won't push it to the side. You'll take every inch of it, because there ain't one fucking thing you can do about it!

Lastly, chinch the chin strap good and tight, pulling that hard leather against your chin, and forcing your teeth into the gag. Now see how long you can bear it. Now lock it all in place with 8 padlocks.

Sit and contemplate. Maybe you should have gotten those boots done when you were told. Maybe you shouldn't have whined about the the size of the butt plug in your ass. Maybe, just maybe, you'll have a little better attitude when it comes off, boy!

Options are limited to a smaller gag, and nose eyelets if the holes are too small. My advise, leave well enough alone. The boy will thank you for it... maybe not when it is on, but sure as hell later!

Safe play should be foremost in everyone's mind. This is not an item that should be left on an unattended person, especially if the gag is locked in place!
This gag usually cannot be removed simply by pushing with the tongue, it needs hands for removal. Never, NEVER lock the gag in place if playing alone!

A short video of that long fucking gag going in.

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