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The "Stubby" Gag

Bondage stubby leather gag
Bondage stubby leather gag Bondage stubby leather gag
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Our standard leather gags in three sizes have been among our most popular items since we started in businesss. We have had requests, however, for a fat gag that doesn't reach quite so far in the mouth. This guy we think fills the bill.

It measures almost 2" wide, yet is only about 2 1/4" high (or deep in the mouth). Why "about"? Because like most of our products these are hand made, and there will always be very slight variations each time one is made.

This is made of the same high quality garment leather as our other gags, and incorporates a soft leather plate and soft leather non locking strap so it is easy to put in gently to allow some manipulation of the gag by the bottom, or snug it down really tight and it isn't going to budge!

So now for the person who can't take the depth, you have an option for a serious gag without hitting the back of the throat!

#1188 - $44.95  

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