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Posture Restraint

Posture restraint system

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New design features!

The description below, and the photos are from the old non-locking design. We just altered this item to add locking wrist restraints, and a locking post to the back strap so he cannot reach up and lower his arms. We will get new photos as soon as possible!

Keeping the bottom's wrists properly placed behind the back is one of the favorite positions. One of the problems with this position, however, is that it normally entails a collar to hold the wrists, which can exert pressure on the neck as the bottom's arms tire.

No more with this restraint! Not only does the neck not come into play with this design, but there is the added benefit of assuring an erect posture, shoulders back, chest thrust forward (always a good thing)!

In keeping with our policy of not forcing you to spend money you don't want to, we have also designed this as a modular system, in 4 sections. Pictured to the left is the full unit, but you can start with only the basic restraint, which does the bulk of the work, then add sections later, or never. Alternately, you can buy the full unit for less than the price of the individual sections alone. We encourage you to thoroughly read the ordering information to insure you get exactly what you want.

The photos indicate the sections of the restraint (colored in disgusting green) that you are ordering. Additional information about them is provided.
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#978ALL Pictured above This is the complete unit - you get everything below - Save 10%
(Please do not order all 4 items by clicking on them separately - you won't get the discount.)

#978 Main posture restraint portion Main posture restraint portion This is the main unit. It works just fine without the additions below, but the additions increase the control $96.00  
Custom made for you in our shop.
Usually in 24-48 hours.

#979 Belt section for posture restraint system This is the belt section. It attaches to the main unit in the back, and will also attach to the front piece, if you order that section. You can use your own belt as well, you don't have to buy the one specifically made for this restraint. $25.00  
Custom made for you in our shop.
Usually in 24-48 hours.

#981 Front section for posture restraint system This is the front section. It attaches to the belt in the front, and holds the shoulder straps tighter. It will not work without the belt section, or at least you must use your own belt. $34.00  
Custom made for you in our shop.
Usually in 24-48 hours.

#980 Crotch section for posture restraint system This is the crotch section. It holds everything firmly in place, and provides additional feeling in the crotch area. This requires at minimum the belt, or at least a belt of your own. It does not do all it should unless you have the front section. $28.00  
Custom made for you in our shop.
Usually in 24-48 hours.

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