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Poly woven sling
This is actually a photo of the nylon - we will get a poly photo up ASAP!

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We make our heavy duty nylon slings , and these are exactly the same thing, but made with poly webbing instead.

Nylon webbing is a hell of a lot more expensive than nylon, and when we started making our Poly bed bonds , our Modular Bed Bondage system , and our Full Body Webbing Harness Restraint out of poly, and everyone said that they enjoyed their purchases, we decided to make our two most popular woven slings out of it as well. I will be 100% honest and tell you that the nylon is a little more comfortable against the skin than poly. At the same time, two points: 1) Poly is far from uncomfortable, and 2) sometimes as Rhett would say, I just don't give a damn! Check the close up photo for a comparison between the two materials. There is plenty of strength in the poly webbing.

These are both made with cross hatched stitching wherever the poly crosses, and heat sealed ends which are tucked under an extra fold. This extra work means that these are going to last! An extra benefit is that they are washable too! We think you'll find these very comfortable, and great fun to play in!

Our basic slings are 18 X 33 inches in size, jumbo slings are 24 X 38. Chain and clips not included.

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