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1 1/2" Poly Webbing Side Latch Buckle Bondage Strap

Poly Webbing Bondage Strap

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Differing from our 1 1/2" quick adjust strap and our 2" quick adjust strap , this one take a tiny bit more time to adjust to the proper tightness. However, the side latch buckle allows it to come off the person without changing the adjustment, so it remains in the perfect position for round two!

Measuring 1 1/2" wide and a full 6 foot finished length, this is the same design used on our Full Body Webbing Harness Restraint , and as long as you place the buckle out of the way of meddling fingers, (and keep a knife away!), then it isn't letting go.

Box stitched, and a rolled end to insure no fraying, and no pulling out of the buckle and glide assembly when you are making adjustments.

These can be made longer if you like, and with very little in the way of additional cost. Please contact us to get pricing.

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