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Stainless Steel Tie Down

Stainless screw in Tie Down
Stainless screw in Tie Down
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Stainless screw in Tie Down dimensions
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These are very unique little devices. When facing as shown in the main photo, they hold securely, and can take a great deal of stress. Turn it 180 degrees, and the tie off lifts easily out, leaving a flat surface. Screw these down to a padded board, and they make a fantastic bondage board (trust me)!

Marine grade stainless steel, and in limited quantity. Read about our marine hardware special purchase .

All of our marine hardware is quite weighty. Our cart, not the most intelligent in the world, but perfect for us as it allows us to sell customized items, may very well underestimate your freight by a few bucks. We will select the least expensive way to ship, but we must bill you the actual freight costs, not the estimate in your cart. If you would like to know first, just leave a comment at checkout and we will let you know before shipping.

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