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Arab Strap

Leather Arab cock and ball strap in use
Leather Arab cock and ball strap Leather Arab cock and ball strap Leather Arab cock and ball strap
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The Arab Strap is used to aid in maintaining an erection, but can be used just because it feels great!

I make this of lightweight Latigo leather. Selected because unlike garment leather Latigo is quite resistant to moisture, and let's face it, it gets a little moist down there.

It comes with a 1 1/2" ring normally but the ring snaps on, so if you guessed wrong just head over to your friendly neighborhood hardware store and swap it out for another size. Speaking of the ring, when figuring out your size, don't forget that there are also two pieces of leather in that ring alongside your prized possession. Figure that adds about 3/8" to the size you need. Don't really know? Go with the 1 1/2", that fits most. You do know? If its not 1 1/2" then just specify the size you need in your comments box during check out and I will ship you what you need.

The cock strap section buckles in place, and is widely adjustable. Wear it comfortably, or snug it up nice and tight!

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