Check Policy

For over 7 years we have always held customer's checks until we shipped their order, figuring this was the only fair way to do business.

Unfortunately, with the growth of the web, some people who do not believe in fairness have been sending bad checks, and refusing to make good on them. As a result, we have had to institute the following policy:

First time check customers: Personal checks will be deposited when received. You order will ship when ready, but not sooner than 10 days after we receive your check. We suggest money orders or credit cards (credit cards are never charged until the order ships).

After your first personal check order: Personal checks will be deposited when received, but the order will not be held waiting for check clearance.

People who have bounced a check, but made good on it within 4 days: We will have to treat all future checks the same way we treat checks from first time check writers.

People who have bounced a check and have not made good on the amount, plus fees, within 4 days: Forget about writing us a check, we won't accept it.

BTW - we will soon be playing a very nasty game called "post a copy of our bad checks so the whole world can see it". If you are reading this and are one of the people who are trying to screw us, and at the same time forcing this policy on our good customers, you might want to consider getting your funds in to us!

Bounced check fees: If you make good on the check within 4 days, after we contact you (or attempt to contact you by leaving a phone message), $15.00. If after 4 days but before it goes to our attorney; $25.00. If it goes to collection, the maximum amount allowed by law. Please note that we will NOT redeposit a bad check (it then becomes a non-negotiable instrument). You must send the full amount, plus fees, in the form of a money order. When it is received, we will return your check.

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