About the contract program

There comes a time when a business has to grow, not just as in doing more business (we hope we will always keep doing that), but in the way it does business.

Leather Creations does not sell a whole selection of imported products under our name. We have always made everything in leather that we sell on this site.

We have decided that in order to provide you with the products we want, at the prices you have come to expect, we have to get some other firms involved.

This is the reasoning for our contract program.

We are not, I assure you, picking up other people's stuff, marking it up, and just selling it as our own. What we are doing is contracting, both here in the USA and abroad, to have products made to our same exacting standards, from our patterns, from leather we select, and specifically for us.

Each leather item on our site that is not made by us is plainly marked with a link to this page, indicating that it is made under contract. All of the items sold under our Bargain Leather Gear label are such products.

The result is we are able to broaden the number of items we offer to you, our valued customer, while not slowing up our own shop so much that your deliveries will take a long period of time.

We have been extremely pleased with the output of these firms, and promise you that if anything is not suitable to bear our name, made here or overseas, we will never sell it to you.

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