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How the straps are measured

You will always get the length you ordered, but sometimes more... here's why.

First, the "official" measurement:

All except the locking post straps:

If you order, say a 50" strap, you will get a strap that measures 50" from the buckle of the strap to the last hole. The strap is actually a little longer, as we don't count the very end of the strap where it goes into the belt keeper.

The locking post straps:

Again, on that 50" strap, you will be able to lock the strap up to 50" long. There will be a couple of extra holes so that you can still reach into the locking post.

Now here is why yours might be longer.

Sometimes when we cut the hide there is a couple, or a few, inches left over. They aren't any use to us as a tiny scrap, so we often just leave it longer and make up your belt with the extra inches. You are still charged based on the number of inches you ordered. So your 50" strap may measure 54". No promises that yours will be longer, but it does often happen.

If you have a need for a specific length, and don't want it longer, please tell us "to exact length" in your comments box at check out, and we will cut them accordingly.

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