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Recently I was chastised by a customer for not mentioning some things on our site. No, he wasn't pissed. He wanted to know why we didn't tell everyone some of the things we do for our customers, and some of the services we offer that set us apart. He said "Yeah, your customers know, but do people just browsing the site know?".

Well, maybe he is right, maybe we don't blow our own horn enough... so here goes the noise:

Your credit card information
I am always concerned about your credit card information. I want to be sure that I never, never, have to write and tell a customer that his credit card number may have been compromised. Sure you know about SSL encryption, and secure sites. Anyone who takes credit cards on the net better have a secure site. We do, always have. But... Where are those credit cards stored?
When you place your order the cards numbers are stored on our server outside of the publicly accessible area. In other words, will never find the cards. You can only get the numbers if you have the master password to the server. And, we own the server, we aren't hosted. We decide who gets to touch it, log into it, and no one does so without our permission. There are also no other sites on it, so no one else will damage its security. ??? But if they keep them on the public part of their server, you better pray. Are they hosted? Can a disgruntled employee of the hosting company get the information?
We remove those credit card numbers every day, often more than once. Then what do we do with them? We store them on a computer here that is not on a public network. Only one computer here has access to that data, and that computer is password protected. We access your personal data only when invoicing your order. When we update our local server, it is updated from a computer that holds order information and order numbers, but no personal information. Paranoia? Maybe, but that doesn't mean somebody isn't out to get you. ??? But if they permanently store them on their server you better really pray!
What about that little credit card slip that you get with your box? Did you know that current Master Card and Visa regulations require that only the last 4 number of your card be printed on that slip? Why? Suppose UPS totally destroys your package (not common, but it happens)? You want some stranger getting your credit card number? Check some other companies. I know I keep getting mail order products with a sales slip with my full credit card number.
We are fully compliant with Visa and Master Card regulations ???
Lastly... did you know that at the end of every day we "batch" our terminal, just like everyone else? When we do, it prints out every card number we used that day. What happens to that? And what about the yellow copy that comes with it?
The main copy is filed with our business records (it has to be), securely in a safe, in our locked building, with a burgler alarm, in my locked office. The yellow copy is shredded into confetti. ??? But it better not simply be tossed in their trash!
When you get charged for merchandise
We are a Master Card, Visa and Discover merchant, not a sub-merchant, not an internet processor. That means that we charge your card here, in our offices, on the same machines you see in the stores, and we do it when you order ships, not before (custom merchandise does have a 50% deposit policy). Your order is ready, binned (we put orders in bins, ready to pack at the end of the day), and then, and only then, do we charge your card. Varies, but many have automatic immediate charges issued when you check out in the shopping cart. That mean you pay immediately, they ship whenever.
Return policy
Simple... you shouldn't have to keep what you don't like. Period. And just because you bought something doesn't mean we get to keep your money. A refund is a refund, not a store credit.
Except where prohibited by law, or for custom made products, 100% refund (less shipping charges) on anything we sell within 30 days. Refund, not some stupid credit. Our full written policy is available on this site. Most don't offer this promise. Are they afraid their customers are dishonest?
All restraints we make are warranted for life. Your life, not its life. It breaks, we fix it. Restraints are made to be used, pulled, tugged, and otherwise abused. If we don't make them right, you'll break them. If you do, we'll fix them. I've only seen one other firm offer this lifetime promise.
Time to shipment:
If we have it in stock and you order by noon, it ships the day you order it. We don't get "too busy" to be able to ship your order, no matter what the season. If we have to make it, we'll do so as fast as possible. Well, I've seen just about everything, including tons of excuses why they won't ship in a timely manner.
Just because we sell adult products doesn't mean that we don't have to provide decent service. Even more importantly, it doesn't mean that your order isn't important to you, and if it is, it is important to us. Ummm... I am so tempted to quote another site... let us just say that one site suggests that if you complain about delivery times you should take your business elsewhere (yes, please do).
You can find out if we have an item in stock right from our site. Almost every page displays the current stock status of the item. Most don't have the technology
Privacy, mailing lists and the like
Full written policy available off the main page of our site. ??? If they don't have a written policy though, I bet you wouldn't like what it is.
Registering to view our site
What??!! Like I'll show my drivers license to get in Wal-Mart! Most know better, but there are exceptions.
Freight rates
Freight is an expense. Let's not kid each other. The customer has to pay it... one way or the other. Either it is billed, or built into the selling price of the items.
We charge the actual shipping cost we have to pay. ??? There is no way, however, it costs $15.95 to send a one pound box to anywhere in the USA.
On-line order information
When you place an order you get an immediate invoice, and e-mail confirmation. The invoice includes your estimate for freight charges, and a listing of all your items. When we receive your order in the shop, we enter it into our order processing system, and then you can, by following a link in that e-mail, check the status of your order, see what is ready to ship, what we are making, and then see what has shipped. You can even see what your previous shipment history has been. You also receive an e-mail from us on the day of shipment with your final order total, and another e-mail from UPS with your tracking number. By keeping you informed, we hope we are providing better service. Very few merchants in our line of business have this capability.
There's no "them" for this category. I just wanted you to know that this (Leather Creations) started out by being a couple of guys trying to run a little business, make a few bucks, make some friends along the way, and be able to look back on our lives with no regrets. Since Jon's passing I'm alone now (except for a fine staff), but I still look at "our" business in the same way. I'm not a big shot, I don't have a "contingent" with me when we go to events, I don't try to impress you with my private life (actually it is pretty damn boring). Ask anyone who knows me, I am about as "regular" as it gets. Why is this important to you, a customer? Because I want you to know that I have no ulterior motives for having this business. Ulterior motives don't get you decent product, decent service, and concern for you as an individual.

As we have said in every single catalog since day one: I appreciate each and every one of you, and each and every order. If I don't, I don't deserve your business, and you can, and should, go elsewhere.

Thanks for reading this, and thanks for honoring us by spending time on our site!