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Hanging a Sling

Sling handing instructions

Hanging a sling is really a matter of personal choice. We have found, however, this this method works best for most.

First - make sure you have beams, and not plaster or lath for the eyebolts. A surprise during a scene is fun, but no so much so if it is landing on your ass, under half the ceiling!

Lay the sling on the floor, and mark points 1' out from each corner, as shown above. These are the locations where the eyebolts should go. If you have a ceiling less than 7 1/2', you will want them a little further out. Greter than 8', in a little bit. Again, this is personal preference. Also, the exact position will be tempered by the location of the beams. If you like to do more of a severe scene, we suggest spreading the legs out from the sides more, but not away from the end. In other words, more like the sketch below.

Sling handing instructions

which will force the legs far apart when attached to the chains by stirrups or restraints.

Most of our slings do not have a head or foot end, unless you get the restraining belt. The exception is the canvas sling which should be hung like this:

Sling handing instructions

as it is made to accept the stress in a different way than our other slings, and comes with small lengths of nylon attached to the ends (as shown) to attach your chains.

Whatever you decide, if it is comfortable, or suitable (comfort may not be your thing!) for you, then you have it hung right!