Stainless Gear Exchange Policy

Because stainless can be completely cleaned (we have an autoclave), we can allow the return of all our stainless steel gear for refund or return.

However, we do have some very simple rules we ask you to follow.

All requests for returns or exchanges must be made within 30 days of the date of the original invoice covering the original purchase (not subsequent exchanges). We were asked to clarify this... you may exchange an item for up to 30 days after the original purchase. If you exchange, you may exchange again, but only up to 30 days from the date of the original purchase, not from the date of the last exchange.

All returns must be made in accordance with the instructions that accompany each order (a simple on-line form).

All exchanges will be at $5.00 per item exchanged. This covers the cost of cleaning and return freight (actually, it probably doesn't, but that's all we will charge you). Naturally, if there is a price difference between the item you returned and the new item, that adjustment will be made. This $5.00 payment must be included with your return (cash or check).

All returns for refund will be credited at the amount of the item (not freight) less $2.00, to cover cleaning costs.

While it has never happened yet, we feel we must also put in writing that if the stainless has been scratched or otherwise damaged (which would take serious neglect, as they don't damage easily), we reserve the right to charge for re-grinding or re-polishing, at our cost.

NONE of this applies if we send you the wrong item. We feel bad enough that our customers are inconvenienced by our occasional error, we certainly do not expect you to pay for return freight. We even pay you back what it costs to return it to us.

To take return a stainless item please visit our returns page .