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Replacement Tit Torment Tips

We know how annoying it can be to drop one of the tips from a pair of tit clamps, and not be able to find it. Basically, for lack of a tiny piece of rubber, you have to toss out a clamp! No longer! As the manufacturer of our own tit gear, we are glad to offer you replacement tips for our products. Just refer to the chart below to find the correct tip for your clamp (only our own clamps are guaranteed to fit).

Please note that we do have a minimum $25.00 internet order. If all you want is to order tips, we suggest sending a stamped self addressed envelope along with your cash or check payment, and we will drop them in the mail the day we receive your order.

Some tips may need to be trimmed to length on arrival.

Select all you wish to order, indicating quantities, then press add to cart
Enter Quantity Stock Number Fits Price
No. RM221 No. 1232 and No. 1401 (Gripper) tip end (clamps no longer available) 12 cents
No. RM222 No. 1232 and No. 1401 (Gripper) handle end (clamp discontinued)
No. 1161 and No. 1404 (Baby Gator) tip (clamp discontinued) end
15 cents
No. RM223 No. 1164 and No. 1402 (One Tooth Wonder) tip end 12 cents
No. RM261 No. 1178 and No. 1407 (Squeezer) tip end (discontinued styles) 12 cents
No. RM262 No. 1178 and No. 1407 (Squeezer) handle end (disconrinued styles) 12 cents
No. RM263 No. 1153, No. 1154, No. 1406, No. 1429 (Duckbill) tip end 15 cents
No. RM288 No. 1153, No. 1154, No. 1406, No. 1429 (Duckbill) handle end 32 cents
No. RM474 No. 1392 and No. 1394 (Tweezer) tip end 12 cents

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