The concept for came about as I was buying a new stereo. I don't listen to music all that often, and I found I was perfectly happy with the $300 rig I picked out at the store. A friend has a $5000 set up. Is his better? You bet your ass! Am I satisfied with mine? Absolutely!

That's when I realized that for some people buying the best of a particular piece of gear isn't all that important, as it won't be used constantly, and less than top of the line is perfectly acceptable... especially when it is one hell of a lot less expensive!

That was the beginning of An offshoot of Leather Creations, it features a selection of products made by us, or for us under contract, with economy in mind, not purely quality.

No, this isn't crap. No way, no how. It also isn't the finest leather we can purchase, like in the Leather Creations' line of products. Products are not customizable; sizes, options, and all else are limited to what is on the site. We manufacture and stock in large quantities, to keep our prices where we want them... low! It is a really decent quality product, at a phenomenal price.

Leather Creations' own gear will remain the same. Top of the line materials, workmanship, and guaranty, with great pricing. BarginLeatherGear offers an alternative for the budget conscious, like me; especially important these days.

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