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Why a new Leather Creations?

As some of you know, as you have been with us for that long, Leather Creations is now 25 years old!

Jonathan and I stared this together with an eight page mailed catalog (only half sheet size, too), and about 25 items for sale. Over the course of the years it grew to a large firm, with a lot of people working, and over 1,000 items available.

Well, things change, and Jon passed, and I grew weary of the shows, and then I realized that life changes, and businesses have to also.

Now the owner of Leather Creations is officially "old" (grin - sure don't feel it), and at 65+ I figured it was time to get back to what I love which is making gear for people, and leave the buying and selling, sourcing and purchasing, and the tons of bookkeeping behind. To say nothing of actually finding something I haven't seen for years - free time to be with my adopted family and friends.

The New Leather Creations is 100% (well, damn close) hand made products, all designed and most crafted by me, and offered for your pleasure.

Gone are the Bargain Leather Gear (contract made) items, the steel items, basically almost everything that I had to spend hours in front of the computer and on the phone buying and selling just to have them on the site.

Yes, Leather Creations will be a lot smaller. No, we won't be at shows. And, except for some metal cock rings, and real basic items like that, you will find only those items designed, crafted, and available exclusively here.

Many of you have honored Jon and I with not only your orders, but your kind words and encouragement. We genuinely always liked our customers, not because of your money, but because you are like us... kinky, friendly, decent folk who belong to the same community.

Now, alone, I want to continue that feeling, and this change will bring me back from being businessman to crafter, corporation to person, and fellow kinkster.

So with my continuing thanks for 25 years of great times, great people, and wonderful memories, I hope you'll continue to stay with us for the next 25 years (OK - just kidding, but still I am still counting on a damn lot of them). You made Leather Creations what it was, and hope you will be there for what it now is, something I love doing, and hope you love being a part!


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