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Erostek ET312 Carry Belt / Carry Case

Erostek ET312 Carry Belt
Erostek ET312 Carry Belt
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There's one problem with the Erostek ET312, and that is while it is a portable unit, you can't really "port" it. Until now!

Just a real simple, real easy, and real inexpensive way to attach the 312 to the bottom. You'll have to keep his hands off the controls, but I'm sure you can figure a way to do that, and we always have tons of restraints available to help if needed.

Just adjust the slide to the correct waist size, clip it in place, slide in your 312, and crank up the juice!

This unit will hold the 312 securely, and as long as you don't hang him upside down, it will stay in place (or go ahead and hang him upside down, just put the belt on upside down first!).

This comes in two sizes. The first will fit to about 38" (it will depend on if you kind of "sling" it like in the photos, or put it on tightly), the second will fit up to about 50". We made the two, because on thinner guys the long version simply has too much tail hanging out.

Now you have a nice way to keep him charged up while wandering around the next event!

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#1137 Erostek ET312 Carry Belt to size 50 $20.49  
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in about 1 week.

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