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Door Restraint System

Door restraint system
Door restraint system
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We actually put this together for IML, figuring that there would be a lot of hotel doors, and, probably, an equal number of bottoms that need to be hung up someplace.

This door jam bondage accessory provides you with a quick and easy means of attaching someone / thing to any door. Simply place both of the rods on the outside of the door, with the "D" ring hanging on the inside. Shut the door, and the rod is trapped on the outside, making it impossible to pull the "D" ring on the inside. Attach your bottom to the "D" rings via restraint, rope, whatever... and he is there to stay.

The rod is made of high denisty polypropylene and the straps of high break strength nylon, to avoid marring the door, yet provide over 350 pounds per square inch breaking strength.

Priced and sold as a pair.

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