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Deluxe Neck / Wrist Restraint

Deluxe wrist neck restraint
Deluxe wrist neck restraint Deluxe wrist neck restraint Deluxe wrist neck restraint Deluxe wrist neck restraint
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Like our basic neck / wrist restraint in function, this one is made with heavier double layer wrist restraints, and a swivel connection to the neck that allows for a little more movement.

This design was begun as a request from some of our customers. Because we added the front lead loop, we had to design it with the buckle in the back. As a result this is made in a locking version only (can't have someone unbuckling themselves, now can we).

All the restraints are fastened with screw posts which provide greater strength than rivets when one tries to pull straight out. Which, under the right circumstances, the bottom certainly will be :-)

Locks are not included, but are not required to fasten the restraint. Again, the bottom can unbuckle the collar if this isn't locked, but if you lock the collar most can't get to the wrists to unbuckle those!

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