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Hitching Muzzle

Hitching Muzzle

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You are just not going to get this intensity, and this control, anyplace else.

Presenting the hitching muzzle, one of the best ways to get, and maintain control over your boy. You can pull on his collar, but that isn't going to get him looking where you want. With this he will not only face where you want, but you can move him any way you please!

A little bit of an "issue" to deal with? Just padlock him directly to something for the night - he'll be a changed boy in the morning!

A little bit like our Padded Face Muzzle , but it is not the same design. Made of all heavyweight leather, with a thickly padded mouth section, the hitching ring is reinforced on the back, and installed before the padding, so there is no sensation of the ring on the boy's mouth. It is, however, very firmly planted there, and you can pull and tug all you want! The slight clang of the ring against the steel plate constantly reminds the boy of the instant control you can exert at any second.

Fully lockable, and if you decide to do so, it takes 4 small padlocks.

Depending on how you use this, he'll either dread you are getting it out, or get rock hard at the thought of the control you are about to wield!

Oh yes, the boy is mine, and his hawk had to come down for the photo. No, he isn't for sale (or loan). Sorry guys!

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