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Electro Cock Band

Electro cock band This is a unique item, made of a type of elastic, with a metal mesh woven in. The metal mesh is so fine that it stretches with the elastic, yet maintains its conductivity. As a result, it works like it was a conductive elastic. Slip the elastic around the part you want to play with, pull the elastic tight and use the plastic latch to secure it, then plug the unit into the electro-stimulation box, and there you have it. This is a single pole contact, which means you use another contact (any kind) elsewhere on the body to complete the circuit. We suggest taping over the metal contact, so the sensation is more evenly spread throughout the entire band. Toss it in the wash (actually, we suggest hand washing) when you're done, and you're ready for the next victim errr volunteer.

#672 - $16.95  

Requires Banana Plug Lead Adapters if you have pin leads.

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