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Electro-Stimulation Pad Sets

Electro stimulation or TENS pads
Electro stimulation or TENS pads
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A whole new pad set for us, larger than our previous pads, and available now at a discount for quantity. Our previous pads were 1 1/2 inches square, at the same price for one set of these, and were not discountable.

These pads are 2 inches square (each pad), and come in a set of 4. A nice heavy pad, with a sturdy wire lead. These will give many uses through their life!


1 - 4 sets 5.00

5 - 24 sets 4.50 each

25 or more sets 4.00 each

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#1214 Single set of 4 pads 5.00

#1214 5 sets of 4 pads 22.50

#1214 25 sets of 4 pads 100.00
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