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Banana Split Lead Adapter

Banana split lead adapter Some of our products, and some from others, use a 3.5mm plug (a mini plug) to run two contacts to a power box. You'll find this on our insertable egg, among others. This is fine if your box uses 3.5mm plugs, but most do not. The problem is, you had to find a proper adapter for your unit to use these items. Now Leather Creations offers the banana split. It accepts the 3.5mm plug off your piece of gear, and gives you two banana jacks to use instead. This not only makes adapting to different units easier, but it gives you additional ways to play. Suppose you have a dual contact insertable egg. You might want to run one contact of the egg to a cock ring, and another to a pad on the stomach. Without this adapter, that's impossible. The banana split offers new ways to play, and makes life easier at the same time.

If you don't have banana leads with your unit, see our universal banana adapter to change your pin leads to banana plugs.

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