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"Standard" Wrist Restraints

standard wrist restraints
standard wrist restraints with natural color lining and D ring
Lockable with natural color lining and D ring - #361
standard wrist restraints with natural color lining and loop and D ring
"Natural" lined with loop and D ring - #537
standard wrist restraints close up of standard buckle
Standard buckle
standard wrist restraints close up of locking buckle
Lockable Buckle
standard wrist restraints front and back of some of the combinations
Front and back images of some of the combinations
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We call these "standard" wrist restraints, because they are kinda like what you would expect to see in a wrist restraint. We have other devices for restraining the wrists as well, and they are pictured elsewhere on the site. In the table below you will find the available combinations of hardware and lining.

The photo at left shows #527, which is the unlined with Loop and D ring. In the photos below are other combinations, and you can also look at our ankle restraints for more photos, as they are made exactly the same, only longer.

We use only synthetic lining as we feel that synthetic is far superior to natural because of its resistance to rotting and mildew. All are 3" in width.

As if that's not enough to deal with - you also have to choose if you would like locking buckles!

There is no stock info on these items. Due to the wide variety of styles, we have decided to make them up to order. They are almost always ready in 24 hours or less.

All items are priced and sold in pairs.
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  Non-Locking   Lockable
Style Order
Stock # Price   Order
Stock # Price
Unlined D ring
#465 $38.00    
#357 $42.00  
Unlined loop and D
#527 $39.50    
#358 $43.50  
Black lined D ring
#466 $46.00    
#359 $50.00  
Black lined loop and D
#525 $47.50    
#360 $51.50  
"Natural" lined D ring
#147 $46.00    
#361 $50.00  
"Natural" lined loop and D
#537 $47.50    
#363 $51.50  
Natural Leather
In Brass or
Please visit
The Natural Leather Restraints
page for a
full description

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