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"Belly Cut" Restraints

  When we make a product for resale we select only the best leather on the hide. The problem is, leather is a natural product, and cows are clumsy. They drag their undersides on brush and rocks, and get scars. When we buy a cow hide, we get the bellies, scars and marks and all. This doesn't mean that the leather is any worse, only that it has markings that don't allow us to sell it as first quality. What we do then is take this leather and make some of our most popular styles of restraints, and offer them to you at a savings. You'll get the same quality craftsmanship, but you may see some marks, or some wrinkles (the underside is fattier than the other parts of the cow). However, if we do say so ourselves, our belly cut line is actually much heavier, stronger, and more durable than many of our competitor's full price lines, and they look just about as good as anything on the market (except our first quality restraints).

All are priced and sold as pairs.

Please note that we make up the parts for these as we use up a hide, and keep them on hand for rapid processing of your order. Therefore, we cannot offer any custom belly cut options. We will be glad to customize our standard line for you if needed.

There are no photos here - they look just like our standard restraints , so you can check out the pictures there. Here are the items available as belly cuts:

All items are priced and sold in pairs.
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  Non-Locking Lockable
Item Style Click here Stock # Price click here Stock # Price
#516 $24.00  
#366 $26.50  
WRIST RESTRAINT Unlined loop and D ring
#517 $25.50  
#367 $28.00  
WRIST RESTRAINT Black lined D ring
#545 $29.00  
#368 $32.00  
WRIST RESTRAINT Black lined loop and D
#547 $30.50  
#369 $33.50  
#532 $29.00  
#370 $31.50  
#518 $27.00   Not available
ANKLE RESTRAINT Unlined loop and D ring
#519 $28.50   Not available
ANKLE RESTRAINT Black lined D ring
#549 $33.00   Not available
ANKLE RESTRAINT Black lined loop and D ring
#550 $34.50   Not available

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