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Rubber Cock Rings

Rubber cock rings
Rubber cock rings in use
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A nice, firm, rubber cock ring, serves the same purpose as the metal ones, but won't be quite so obvious (to the wearer) as they are only 13/64" thick (a little less than 1/4 inch). Also good because it won't ever rust scratch or peel (not that our regular nickel plated cock rings normally rust scratch or peel, and, of course, our chrome plated brass cock rings can't rust either, but it just sounded like a good sales pitch). Sizes are inner diameter. These are not returnable.

How to put on a cock ring (don't laugh - there was a first time for everyone!)

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#157 1 1/16"   * $.57  

#1026 1 3/8" $.42  

#445 1 1/2" $.47  

#1027 1 5/8" $.47  

#446 1 3/4" $.47  

#1028 1 7/8" $.47  

#452 2" $.52  

#33 2 1/4" $.52  

*This is very nice as a glans ring, and no, I don't know why the smallest is so expensive, we just have to pay more for them than the large ones.

We use these to make some of our products, and they are all rarely out of stock.

Due to health concerns, this item is not returnable unless defective,
and then only in exchange for the same item.

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