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Wrist & Ankle Restraints

The Leather Creations Line of
Wrist and Ankle Restraints

Belt that becomes wrist restraints

A belt that becomes wrist restraints!

Hog strap set

The Hog Strap!

standard wrist restraints

Take a look at our "standard"
line of wrist restraints
(there's 12 to choose from!)

Narrow wrist restraints

Narrow Wrist Restraints
(4 to choose from)

Wide wrist restraints

Standard Wrist Restraint
in a wide version (6 to choose from)

Standard ankle restraints

Standard Ankle Restraints
(12 to choose from)

Leather wrist and ankle cuffs

Joined Wrist and Ankle Restraints
Wrist Cuffs and Leg Cuffs
Choose from 4

belly cut restraints

"Belly Cut" Restraints
Our bargain Line
(choose from 14)

Nylon and Velcro wrist
or ankle restraints

Nylon Wrist Or
Ankle Restraints

Nylon Wrist Loop Restraints

Velcro (Economy) Wrist Restraints
with attached ties

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