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Modular Bed Bondage System


I can't draw. Simple as that, but I think I can guide you through the proper way to measure to customize any of the sections.

The measuring is best done on the floor, not a bed, and, ideally, you can find a small board, pipe, anything striaght and rigid for the waist part.

Lay down on the straight thingy you found, with the thingy under your waist like the line shown in the image below. Where exactly should you decide your waist should be? Up to you. The straps go on the bed, and you can put them where you want, so place it high on your waist, in the middle, or low on your hips. Your choice. Then you'll do the same thing with it on your bed when your goodies arrive. Place your hands palm down, and separate them until your wrists are resting on the straight thingy. You should be now in a staight line, like you see in the photo, with your wrists and waist aligned. Have someone measure across from wrist to wrist (measure right to the center of each wrist). This is the measurement needed for the waist and wrist section, number 453. Put this in your comments box at checkout. Number 453 = X inches.

Getting the bicep part? Don't move! Measure from bicep to bicep on the top of each arm, and that will be the measurement for number 185. That also includes a chest strap, but as you can position the section anywhere on the bed you want, we just make sure the chest strap is centered, and all is good.

Ankles next. They're easy. Spread those legs, as tough or as easy as you want. Measure ankle to ankle, again in the center of each ankle. This is the measurement for number 80.

Don't move again if you're getting the thigh section! Measure from thigh to thigh, this is number 94.

Lastly, if you're getting the neck section with the extra wrist restraints, place your rigid thingy (get your mind out of the gutter) under your neck like you did under your waist. It should be right where a collar would be. Now put your hands up as shown in the second terrible drawing, and rest the back of each wrist on the straight thingy where you want them to be kept. Measure from wrist to wrist for number 1138.

Thus ends the measurement section. Customizing any of the above is free. Of course, as it will be made exclusively for you, to your specifications, a couple of caveats. No customized item may be returned unless we did not follow your measurements, then we will gladly remake them. Your card will be charged when we start cutting the materials, and your items(s) should ship in at most 2 business days from that point (leaves us time to catch and fix anything we did wrong in final inspection).

If a thigh, bicep, waist, or chest strap won't be long enough for you (we tell you how big each one will go in the descriptions), we can lengthen them also. These may be a slight additional charge. Please tell us what you need in your comments box, and we will notify you of any additional charges before we start or charge your card so you can decide if you want to proceed. If you don't hear from us, and your order shows up on our order checking service, we just didn't feel it was worth charging you anything extra.

Measurement figure

Use the next image only for the neck section with wrist restraints.

Measurement figure