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Stirrups for Slings

Leather bondage stirrups
Leather bondage stirrups
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In two flavors - with or without restraint. The basic stirrup is a 2" latigo strip, measuring 18" in length (the leather section only), with a 2" "D" ring on the top to attach to the sling (use your own clip). The restraint version, for when the ride gets a little rough and the passenger may want to get off, adds a 1" wide ankle restraint inside of the 2" stirrup.

Restraint Stirrups are shown. The plain is exactly the same, except for the extra restraining loop. Priced and sold in pairs.

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#794 Leather stirrups with restraints $70.94  
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#795 Leather stirrups without restraints $40.49  
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in about 1 week.

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