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The special purchase items listed on our Dungeon Hardware page are, in fact, marine grade stainless steel boat and yacht fittings. They are made by a firm who has equipped some of the finest yachts in the world, and who, by agreement, will remain nameless.

The packaging of these items were all destroyed in a minor flood. After quite some delay, they decided it would be better simply to sell them off at a huge discount rather than take each of them out of their soggy cardboard, dry them, and repackage them.

Along with someone else, who has an equally kinky bent as yours truly, we acquired all of the products. Some are fantastic for dungeon use, and we are featuring them here. Others have little use for us fun loving folk, but are perfect for boat type fun loving folk, and we will be selling those on another site (we will list the link when it is up). The items are all in perfect condition. Clearly, water and soggy cardboard won't hurt them, they are designed to be exposed to salty water 365 days a year. So we are slowly working our way through literally thousands of soggy little boxes, stripping out their unblemished contents, filling dumpsters with the soggy mess, inventorying them, and offering them for sale.

There will certainly be more added as we discover other items that would work for us. How many? We have no idea. We bought by the ton (yes, ton), and not by the piece. We have no more knowledge of what is there than you. The items we listed so far were too good to wait until we go through everything, which may literally take months.

The items you receive are unpackaged, but you're probably not a marina, so what does that matter? All of the items are, of course, in limited quantity. Unlike all of the other limited quantity special purchase items on our site, we can't list the quantity, as we quite frankly don't know. We may have 50 of an item today, and 2000 tomorrow as we open another pallet. As long as it says "in stock", we have some. If you order more than we have, we will let you know. We'll also tell you if we discover more. All I will say is that there is no chance you will ever purchase these items at this price again, so don't hesitate if you see something you like!

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