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Hood Opening Chart

In an attempt to make selecting from the numerous options available for hoods a little easier (we hope) we have created this chart. You should be able to find the answers you need right here. We really suggest printing this page - it is a heck of a lot easier to read than scrolling back and forth.


First, please find the number matching the hood you are checking on. To make the table smaller, we have just used these numbers (we have also provided links to the individual hood pages, clicking on a hood name here will bring you to that hood's page).

1) Ultra Padded Strap Hood
2) Ultra Padded Standard Hood
3) Double Double Hood
4) Lined Snug Hood
5) Rubber Lined Snug Hood
6) Unlined Snug Hood
7) Padded mouth (cigar) hood
8) Executioner's hoods
11) Perforated Hood

Now - to read the chart, you need to know the following symbols:

! = Comes with this, no changes available
* = Comes with this, may change if desired
O = Optional - no charge
E = Optional - at Extra charge (see further down on this page)
X = Not available

And, we hope, here's the easier to understand chart:

Hood Style ---> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12
Locking Collar (info HERE ) ! E X E E E E X X E X
Standard Collar (info HERE ) X E X E E E E X X E X
Open Eyes X X * * O * O ! O O(2) O(3)
No eyes ! ! O O * O * X * * *
Pin Prick Eyes X X O X X O O X O X O(3)
Closed Nose * * * * * * * X * N/A *
Nose Holes O O O O X O O X O N/A O
Nose Eyelets O O O O O O O X X X O
Open Oval Mouth X X * * O * X X O(1) O(2) O(3)
Open sewn round mouth hole* X X O O O O * X O(1) X O
Grommet Mouth Hole ** * * O O * O O X X X *
Closed Mouth O O O O O O O X O * O
Pin Prick Mouth X X O X X O X X * X O(3)
Blindfold Flap (see below) X X E E E E E X X X E(3)
Mouth flap (see below) X X E E E E E X X X E(3)
Snap on gag (see below) X X E E E E X X X X E(3)

* Please select 1/2" 3/4" or 1"

** Please select 1/4" or 1/2"

Note (1) - We strongly do NOT recommend these options. Please see the description of the hood
Note (2) - If you select to have open eyes or mouth on the perforated hood, we have to back a section of the hood with solid leather. They are strongly not advised.
Note (3) - On the side lace inflatable hood, this option is available, but if you select the option there will be no padding in the area affected. In other words, to make open eyes, you cannot have padded eyes, etc.

Blindfold Flap & Mouth Flap (where available)

You will note that you cannot order from this page. Each hood page on our site offers all the options that you can get for the hood it displays. We suggest you use this page to make your decisions, and then visit the individual hood pages to make your selection.

Snap on gag (where available)

(Shown ready to have the correct color snaps added)

If you order this option, the hood will be made with the appropriate mouth opening, to fit. While you can breathe around the gag, we strongly suggest nose openings if you order this.

Hood Sizing

To properly size your hood, we should have the following measurements on all hoods

1) Your neck size
2) Your brow size (around the head at the eyebrows, like a low fitting hat)
3) Your crown size

Lay a cloth tape measure on your head, starting right at the top of your nose (you can also think of it as between your eyes) up and over your head to the base of the skull (where the spine starts, also where the indent in your head is).
Please provide these in your comments box like this:
neck=XX brow=XX and crown=XX

If you are getting open eyes, please also provide the next two measurements:

A) distance between the eyes, center to center
B) Distance from the imaginary line that would run between your eyes, to the center of your mouth, when closed.

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